A little bit about me… (okay maybe a lot)

Hi everyone,

My name is Katie MacDonald and I am a 4th (and by 4th I mean 6th) year Communications student here at lovely Carleton University.

It wasn’t always my plan to take an eternity to finish my bachelors degree, but somehow, between working part time and sleeping full time, it took me 6 years (in my defense, I never took a full course load…). Nonetheless, in June 2012 I will finally and officially be a university graduate. And I could not be more ecstatic! I can finally redeem that precious $30 000+ piece of paper and hang it on my bedroom wall!

When I started my journey at Carleton in “Mass Communications” (see, I have been here so long they have changed the program title), I had no idea what I wanted to do. On that note, I still don’t know what I want to do, however, I can honestly say that I am 100% certain there is a job out there for me- one which I will be excited and passionate about. I want my job to not only inspire me but others! And if there isn’t a job out there that satisfies these needs- then I will just have to make one!

Hold on… perhaps you can help me…? Here is a little bit about me:

I have worked with children for over 7 years; I have worked at a fitness facility for 3 years; I like to think I am a people person; I love to organize and organize some more; I am secretly a nerd; I love to make people laugh and be silly; I have a new found love for blogging/ writing my thoughts down; I am a deep thinker; I am a visual learner; I want to create social change in the world; I want to travel the world; I don’t like team sports or card games; I love swimming, snowboarding, yoga and gymnastics; I am a sucker for all things media and social media related (however, my little sister had to teach me how to use Twitter); I can get by in French- but would love to one day be bilingual; I am computer and tech savvy; I have a new found fascination for the environment and the world’s social issues….so on and so forth.

Actually – my dream job would be something along the lines of; owning my own business- where I inspire children to become activists- engaged in social change- by becoming media literate. I believe that if we think critically and utilize the internet to it’s fullest potential, that big things can happen.

Getting back on track:
Coming straight out of high-school- without a care in the world- I think it is very hard to visualize where you will be in 4-6 years. Which is why I think everything in between high school and the end of University/ College helps in molding you into the person you are today. No one could have told me that I actually needed to read my readings and go to every class in order to succeed- I would have thought they were crazy. Nor could anyone have told me that teachers actually make and put thought into their syllabus’ for a reason. I just had to learn this all on my own and I am beyond grateful that I did.

I am overly excited to end my degree on a high note. I want to take in everything I can in these final few months, which is why I am thrilled that this class exists. I believe that writing is important and that it plays a large role in our daily, fast paced lives. I cannot wait to begin writing/ blogging, as I know it will improve the way in which I communicate my many…many thoughts!

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2 Responses to A little bit about me… (okay maybe a lot)

  1. lydcard says:

    How did you post on this blog? I’m so confused.. haha

    • kmacdon88 says:

      Is alright if I email you in a few hours? I will try my best to explain it to you. Firstly, did you get the invitation to join the blog from Micheal Lithgow? If not. Check your junk mail. If its there, join and get yourself a user name. NOT your own blog. Then go back to our main blog page and login. It will be somewhere on the page. If this does not work I will email you later this eve. On my phone and it’s hard to type 🙂

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