Get to Know Me

Hi, my name is Jonsaba Jabbi and I am a fourth-year honours English/Communication Studies student in my final semester. I’m an so-called aspiring writer, prolific procrastinator and all-around decent student. I wanted to do journalism, which is why I ended up here at Carleton, however it did not work out that way so I ended up studying “Mass Communications”. It turns out that pursuing a journalism degree wasn’t for me, however, it won’t stop me from becoming a freelance journalist.

A few things:

  • I am shy by nature, even though I am a lot less shy now than I used to be. However, I don’t like public speaking or doing oral presentations. Lucky for me, I have about 4 presentations this semester.
  • Writing comes natural to me, even though I’ve been an exceptional procrastinator at it, and my interests sway from poetry prose, creative non-fiction and short story fiction. Dionne Brand,Michael Ondaatje,Sheila Heti, Oscar Wilde, Miranda July, and James Baldwin are just some of the writers I would like to become in my after life.
  • Regardless of the reality of giving up all to become a full-time writer, I will accept the challenge and work on a book proposal of short stories while working full-time (ideally).

I had no idea that this course was a writing class, which is something that I wanted to do in an academic setting. I don’t have a lot of experience writing outside of school for blogs,magazines etc. So, I accept the challenge of collaborating on this blog with everyone and improving my writing at the same time.



About Jonsaba Writes

Writer. Pop Culture Journalist.English/Communications Scholar.MUE.Otherwise known as the one that rambles
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