Open Mike

My name is Mike Schnier. I’m in my 4th year of communications studies with a concentration in image, politics, and persuasion and I’ve been filling up my absurd 11.0 non-COMM credit requirement  with Film, English, History, and Philosophy classes – which usually have a lot to do with communications studies anyway. This is not my first blog. I wrote op-ed pieces for This Dish is Veg and I’ve started and abandoned too many Tumblr-blogs to keep track of. I’ve butted heads on discussion forums more than I’m proud to admit.

I write because I am a creature of conflict. I have a talent for disagreement and there is no shortage of raw material to work with, which might explain why I’ve taken to critical studies so well. I am also a compulsive tinkerer. Although I have no formal programming knowledge, I’ve managed to (mostly) cobble together crude choose your own adventure games. My hyper-ambitious and unrealistic dream is to support myself with a publication of my own. In the meantime I’ll settle for improving my writing.

So am I interested in the personal, practical, or activist uses of writing? I live and breathe all three. Nice to meet you.

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