Courtney’s Introduction

Hi guys! It’s been fun reading and getting to know everyone through their introductions. So I will tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Courtney DeLaura and I am in my last semester as a Communications student. Technically, I have been in university for almost 5 years due to a change of path in life. Let me explain. I am from New York (no, not the city!) and previously before my coming to Canada, I was majoring in Equine Business Management. In other words, I was majoring in business management with a specialization in horses.

After completing a year at Cazenovia College in New York, I realized that my love for horses was to remain a passion only. How did I end up in Canada then? I always wanted to travel and experience new places, so I felt that Canada was a great place to accomplish that goal while still remaining somewhat close to home.

As a Communications student at Carleton, I have developed an interest in video gaming studies and the ways in which it is possible to develop a deeper understanding of society through the study of gaming. More specifically, I took interest in video game surveillance. I would like to use this class as a way to explore certain issues within this topic as well as to improve the effectiveness of my communication through writing. Although I am a little nervous about getting my work critiqued, I look forward to this class and working with everyone!

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