a brief introduction

Hi, I’m Emily, a fourth year communications major whose areas of interest include literature, film and politics. I wasn’t aware that this was a writing class when I registered for it, but I must say it was a pleasant surprise.

When I was in high school writing was a major focus in my life – I took creative writing classes, was involved in my school’s poetry club, and spent my spare time writing screenplays and short fiction. However, I haven’t allotted too much of my free time in recent years to writing aside from a few creative spurts here and there.  So, hopefully this class will help me get back into a writing state of mind – and I won’t have to stare at too many blank pages before that occurs.

To be honest, I’m interested in most types of writing whether academic, creative or both. I love poetry, prose, creative short fiction, and I can’t resist a good recipe. Yet the type of writing that I haven’t attempted that I would like to is news style or journalistic writing, because you don’t need a journalism degree to write like a journalist.

Other than that I liked that someone posted what authors inspire them/ they like so I’ll leave you with a short list of a few of my favourite writers: Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Bukowski, Aldous Huxley, Vladmir Nabokov, Sophia Coppola and Wes Anderson.

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