A Few Words on Myself…


My name is Martha, and I’m sure that we have seen each other around!  I am in my fifth year here at Carleton, but am thankfully done after these last three seminars! I started at Carleton with a double major in Canadian Studies and History but after that first year I decided that was not where my interest lies. I had shadowed the MCOM first year class (as in a lot of my friends were in it and I came to their class once or twice) and knew that this is where I wanted to be. I switched majors against my academic advisors advice and started my university career all over again, this time in Mass Communications. Once done here I plan to do an online diploma through Seneca College in brand management. While doing that I want to work a lot of hours doing whatever to save up and travel the world, mostly Africa and Asia. After travel, I would like to get a job in the real world, hopefully working for a large company or corporation in their advertising/promotions side of business, using language to draw the customer in and convince them that whatever I’m promoting is right for them. My secret goal is to work for a political party and make political attack ads but thats more what you call a ‘pipe dream’.

The majority of my writing is on a variety of topics, ranging from Canadian history to Facebook, democratic principals seen and promoted within The Simpsons, recruitment of female nurses during the Great War, whether FairTrade Coffee is what it claims itself to be and the list goes on. These, of course, are essays I’ve written while completing my undergrad. I am quite proud in how much my writing has improved over the years and consider these essays my main writing accomplishments. I am looking forward to this class as it is not something you can find in many university classrooms. I believe that it will help me in taking what I’ve been taught about writing and place it in a modern context, one that will directly help me in my future endeavors. I have very limited experience in sharing my writing and am definitely looking for some ways to improve it!

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