Katriina’s Introduction

Hello, my name is Katriina Pyykkonen. I’m a fourth year Communication students, minoring in French and basically minoring in Sign Language (I have all the requisites, but you can only have 2 special things on one degree and mine are my Comm concentration and French). I’m a little nervous and excited for this course as it’s my first hands-on Comm. course since I started University (yay for theory?).I’ve never written on a blog or even have much writing experience.

My story is that in highschool I chose my University degree according to careercruising.com. I had no idea what I wanted to do after I finished secondary school and the first thing that came up for me on that website actually sounded pretty interesting. So I committed! I figured I would learn more about what I want to do with my life in University than I would staying in my small hometown. Boy was I wrong! I’m 4 months away from graduating and I have no future aspirations (or at least – not in my work life). It probably does not help that I have yet to have a job I truly liked, or a class that I became passionate about.

And so what AM I passionate about? Bread. Well, really all things food. I love cooking, trying new recipes and then enjoying the fruits of my labour. Sometimes I wonder if I should have become a baker or a chef, but it seems like such a lofty goal. My fiance says it’s probably better I keep cooking as a hobby (since it really is my only one) so that it stays something I can enjoy rather than it become “work”. That reminds me, that’s the other thing  care about. My future husband. I’ll be getting married this June (woot!). I know this is more personal stuff, but I feel like I am truly not a typical student. I could care less about politics and news and working for the man. This blog may be more difficult than I thought. … Food is culture, right?

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