My Introduction.

Hi, my name is John Fernandez. I’m a fourth year communications student studying at Carleton University, expecting to graduate later this year. I decided to take this course, well aware of the class blog, for two reasons; to improve my writing skills and to ideally learn to enjoy the art of writing.

I don’t read or write a lot but when I do it is either for work or school. Lately, I’ve grown to become increasingly bitter towards that idea of having to write about something. I’d much rather want to write about something, and I’m hoping that this course will help me do just that.

Thus far, the writing I’ve completed for my coursework at Carleton has mostly consisted of essays, chapter analyses and research reports. I’m currently working for the Government of Canada so despite having a lot of work related writing to do, it mostly consists of bureaucratic jargon which is certainly valuable but often more dry than compelling. While I can definitely acknowledge the improvement that my writing skills have made since high school as a result of my experiences in university and with my current working role, I’m pretty sure I still have plenty of room to improve.

So truthfully, I’m excited about this class but also a little nervous. I don’t consider myself a great writer or public speaker; these are more so just tasks that I’ve had to do in order to get through school and work. However I do think that, if given the opportunity to engage in writing on topics of personal interest, I’ll leave this class with a much greater passion for writing.

I’m a big fan of soccer, I like all kinds of music and have just recently started to fully appreciate the city of Ottawa. These are just a few topics that I’d like to write about in this class.

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