My name is Dillon, and as of this semester I am finally a fourth year student. I switched from psychology to communications after second year and like many of you have mentioned, I am also technically a ‘fifth year’ Carleton student with desperate hopes to graduate by next December.

I was not aware that this class was a course in writing until I saw the syllabus.  Writing for me has always been a passion; an outlet.  So this news was both elating and nerve wracking.  The only critiques my writing has undergone has been from friends and close family.  So falling into a class of writers leads me to question my own writing capabilities.

I have written personal blogs on occasion that delve into the depths of my own personal experiences with the interesting people and world I find myself in.  I have always aimed to capture the witty, spontaneous and quirky moments that so quickly pass by.  I have always enjoyed writing, yet it has always been spawned by a moment or mood- never by a force.  That said I hope I will be able to write within the guidelines of this course.

My writing is always very introspective.  Something I try to make uncomfortable-a means touch at something raw within the reader. Like life, writing is ever changing and ever growing.  The experience is never the same.  I write because I truly believe I have a story of value.  I believe writing can change the perspectives that so many unknowingly clutch to.  I write because it is a place where I can be honest when everything else in life feels like a lie.

In regards to my hobbies, I would be lying if I said one of them was running or yoga.  I drink red wine like water.  I can’t survive without coffee.  I enjoy talk radio, arguing philosophy and traveling with little to no money. I look forward to improving my writing and learning from and with the rest of this class.




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