Hello everyone!

My name is Michelle Kehoe and like many of you I am in my final year of Communications, what a relief! I was ecstatic to receive an email notifying my entrance into the course last week, not just because it fit perfectly into my schedule, but also because I am excited to strengthen my creative writing skills. Writing most certainly is an outlet for me. Throughout my university career, the quantity of creative writing pieces, outside of academic papers, has dwindled. I feel this course will set fire to the creative writing skills hidden inside of me.

I am a huge lyric nerd. I believe that is my favourite form of writing (to read). Upon listening to a new album, I usually jump to read the lyrics before I even listen to the songs! I just love poetic lyrics filled with emotions and truth.

I also love getting lost into a good book (more specifically on the beach). I am currently completing the Hunger Games trilogy. READ THEM. Do it.

A few other tidbits of information…

My hobbies include photography, reading, yoga (my most recent obsession), travelling and anything fashion related. I am still undecided in my future career ambitions (similar to most graduates of communications, do I see a link?), however I hope to work in Orlando, Florida. Luckily, I am a duel citizen which will save me a lot of hassle. The majority of my family resides there, and to be honest I am tired of these cold, dreary  winters. I just returned from a warm and sunny Christmas there. Oh, how I miss it.

Feelings on COMM 4609A

Returning back to to this course, I hope to expand my knowledge of writing techniques throughout this course. I am a tad nervous on being critiqued on my own writing pieces publicly in class, however I understand criticism only pushes future growth. I am looking forward to reading everyones blogs!

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