Hi everyone,

My name is Shaunice and I am a fourth year COMM student like many of you.  Coming into this course, I will be honest and say I had no idea what it would consist of. Quite frankly when I read, via the syllabus, that this was a course that required us to blog I was not exactly thrilled at the idea.  Last semester I had a COMM course where we were obligated to blog, and some of you were in that class as well, and I disliked it with a passion.  All together I am not interested in blogging but I do not mind reading blogs.  With that being said, I had to ask myself what I was getting myself into again!  As I continued to read the syllabus I came to understand that this is a creative writing class. Now this caught my attention and even excited me.

I love to read and write.  When it comes to academic writing, I am OK at it but I do not put my all into it especially since I have no interest in it.  Creative writing is where I shine!! I always have these ideas swimming in my mind but never really get the chance to express them.  So despite the fact that blogging is a major part of this course, I can put my disdain for it aside due to the fact that it involves creative writing.  I can truly say I am excited to see where and how this course goes throughout the semester.


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