Just my luck.

Hello all,

Here I am, falling in to the same patterns that define me. Worrying over how to describe myself in a few words so that everyone in my class can understand me in the same way that it’s taken me 23 years to know myself. How does that work?

Perhaps the best way to describe myself, right now, in this very moment, is: HUGE PROCRASTINATOR. It’s Wednesday afternoon, and instead of getting ahead on my readings, I’m hovering over this document that’s supposed to be my explanation of myself. Seems easy enough, right? Perhaps I like to make things harder because I enjoy the drama (He’s Just Not That Into You, anyone? The phone bill thing? Whatever).

Here are two things that just happened to me in the past 24 hours, which should continue to teach me a lesson over how procrastination just really, really is not the answer. Ever. (Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something?) Yesterday, I went to Allegra to buy a course pack for one of my other classes, which I was expecting to be $50 as I spoke to a number of classmates who paid that much for it. Well, I get to the cash and my bill is over $90. Turns out they’d made a mistake, but all those who showed up before RIGHT NOW got the cheap price. Yay me! Looks like the early bird gets the worm, which seems to be the lovely quote that anyone in my life at the moment suddenly has the urge to say.

I have a class tonight for which I have to do a reading. Thankfully, everything is beautifully kept for us on an awesome website devoted to Karl Marx which holds all his works.

Or not.

I go on to the website this morning, and to my surprise (or not really, given this is the story of my life), the website is actually on strike for 24 hours “in protest against the SOPA laws before the US Congress which would make sites like ours illegal.” Really? THESE 24 hours? If it’s all the same to you, couldn’t you have protested your cause, say, TOMORROW??

Well, as I scramble to somehow find my reading elsewhere (as you can guess, it’s not working out to well for me), I’m going to quickly spit out some info about me so that I can just post this before, I don’t know, our blog suddenly gets attacked by a virus, or, maybe my MacBook will randomly just decide to stop functioning after 4 loyal years of service because the sun light from the window might just come through at such an angle that will cause my laptop to implode. Who knows.

So, here goes.
I have a B.A. in Psych which I finished 2 years ago. It was really just a bump in the road along the path of finishing my Mass Communications degree… turns out I picked up so many electives in Psych that I earned a degree in the meantime. I won’t go into why it’s taken me two years to finish something that should have taken 1… but if you refer to paragraphs 2, 3, or 4 you can fill in the blanks and just assume it had something to do with terrible, terrible luck, computer glitches, and administrative problems which obviously had nothing to do with me.
I’m into yoga. I used to do every form of dance in my childhood and youth-hood… until I gave up. I miss it a lot. I’m also really artsy and you will usually find me either playing with my Nikon or writing, and, if I organized my time better, even painting or drawing.

I was super excited to see a class with “media” and “writing” in the heading because it just hits the nail on the head for me. In the future I would love, love, love, to work for a magazine (preferably, a fashion magazine, but hey, any will do for now).

An ex of mine got me in to slam poetry, and though I’ve yet to perform (refer to paragraph 1 re: my trademark procrastinating nature), I realized I’ve been doing it for years without really knowing what it was. I write to work through my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions, and the things that happen to me or around me. Sometimes I can’t sleep until I have a good writing session and am able to get out all those things going on in my head. That’s catharsis.

On that note, I hope we have an amazing time in this class, and I also hope none of you ever hack into my laptop and read my pieces as that would be really way too revealing—although it would probably give you more of a glance into my personality than this blog entry has been able to accomplish!

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4 Responses to Just my luck.

  1. MikeSchnier says:

    Heheh, of course the one day you need something it’s taken away to protest a bill that would take it away. On the bright side, SOPA would make a good rant topic – covers tech, politics, culture…

    • MikeSchnier says:

      Also, check out the wayback machine or a google cache of the page you’re looking for. Sometimes you can get lucky and dig up a ghost of it.

  2. emilia8810 says:

    Ahh… thanks for the advice! I’m not that computer savvy… I don’t know what “cache” means. Is this some type of egg? Haha just kidding. But seriously though. I’m not tech savvy enough to actually know all the ins and outs of that stuff. I did get a bunch of summary type pages on the matter anyway so it all turned out okay. But the irony of it all…

    • MikeSchnier says:

      When you google a web page, google provides a link with the result labelled ‘cached.’ They tweaked it a bit recently. It used to be below the result link, now it’s in the pane with the preview to the right of the link. Look for the ‘>>’ symbol.

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