Fashionably late

Hi there, my name is Jill and like most of you probably are, I’m also a fourth year communications student on the last stretch before graduation. Also, I tend to think of myself as an optimist, so instead of admitting that I procrastinated posting this, let’s go with I did it ‘fashionably late’.

So when I was registering for courses, there were slim pickings, since I was fashionably late with my schedule as well. But this course stood out among the leftover statistic courses like the last piece of pie. And I had to grab it. Now that a few classes have come and gone already (can you believe it?), turns out that the class is almost as delicious as the last piece of pie. But nothing really beats pie, does it? This post is reminiscent of the ‘tell the class something about yourself’ activity that seems to permeate every first class since grade 1. Except this gets +5 fun points for being as in blog form.

I was born and raised up in the northern city of Sudbury, Ontario. I grew up playing Jill of the Jungle, winning only by eating mildly poisonous mushrooms to prove survival skills. I guess I both won and lost at that game. Anyway, I continue to stay true to my Northern roots as I enjoy camping, kayaking, tying sweet knots, portages, biology, and nature in general. As many of you probably concur, summer is the best season, but I also enjoy winter fun, such as downhill skiing.

So aside from my nature-fond ways, I also like reading although I haven’t read a not-for-school book since I finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy over the holidays. It was awesome. But my all time favourite book is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by the late great Hunter S. Thompson. It’s a great hybrid of weird genius and a literary blanket of hilarious fluff. If you haven’t already read it, I recommend it to you. When I saw that we had a Thompson reading in the course pack, I got a little bit excited.

Music is also a huge part of my life. I’m pretty out of practice, but when I get a chance I love to jam on the piano. I’m not too picky with what I listen to, but my go-to is classic rock. I’m completely devoted to The Eagles, and also dig Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Tom Petty. I saw Roger Waters of Pink Floyd last year in Montreal, and if you ever get a chance, go see him. The show might just change your life. Anyway, aside from my CCR and other classic rock binges, I also really like folk-y music. I’m listening to Arcade Fire’s Funeral on repeat right now, which probably sounds sad but is actually pretty upbeat and really good.

Academically, communications is thus far proving to be interesting. Eventually I’d like to delve further into environmental/ biological issues. I don’t yet know what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m guessing the job may not exist yet, but I remain hopeful.

I’m looking forward to reading your posts! …And instead of going with this blog is short, let’s say I’m a minimalist.


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