Here’s the head, now where’s my foot…

Hello everyone, I’m Tim Grant, and I’m the redheaded fool who will likely try to conquer the world and fail miserably trying to turn on the giant toaster-mech I will get my engineering friends to build me. I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life and always knew I’d go to Carleton for whatever I decided to do. Now all these years later, I’m finally in the last stretch and ready to get out and start my career in advertising as a copywriter. I also work in a candy store. Rad.

About me, what can I say that the police scanners haven’t reported already. I’m a geek, straight up. I play tons of video games, read comics more than textbooks, have a passion for animation, enjoy the ads on TV/magazines more than programs/articles themselves, addicted to caffeine and love coffee with every fiber of my being, and do not understand what all the fuss is about the Kardasians or why Bieber’s tweets matter (although I actually had an opportunity to stop this “Bieber-Fever” before it even started, but that’s a different story -and unfortunately one of my greatest failings). I have a few little blogs of my own: Timtoons, my blog where I collect all the best cartoons and animated shorts I find online, Adlustr, another collection of interesting and provocative ads from around the world, and finally my poorly-updated gaming blog.

This class will be a benefit for me both personally and professionally. Not only will it hopefully improve the blogs I already have, and will make in the future, but also getting a better grasp on creative writing will absolutely benefit me as a madman. I enjoy writing but rarely do I get a proper opportunity to write the way I want to, aside from just spewing out whatever is on my mind unto whomever is unfortunate to come across my stream in their digital journeys, in the desperate hope of finding something of intellectual worth in this sea of nonsense and regurgitated memes. I also have a thing for commas and emoticons, but I’ve tried to restrain myself of these things lately.

So in short, I’m a ginger geek blogger who loves the absurd. Hopefully my oddities and eccentricities will land me a nice career in the creative world, or a nice padded hotel room with three meals a day -free of charge!

– Tim

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