Oh hi there!

SO! After a few failed attempts to sort out how to actually post something on this site I have finally solved the puzzle and just in time too! I could make up a bunch of excuses as to why I have only got around to writing my introduction for class the day of our 3rd lecture but who really wants to hear those elaborate stories of adventure, cunning, and suspense!? 

I am 10 year old boy trapped in a 4th year Communications student’s body, I most recently started re-watching Power Rangers every morning with my breakfast since it was added to Netflix (God’s gift to man). I don’t take anything in life too seriously but that doesn’t mean I am unreliable or useless. I am in fact still surviving in my final semester at Carleton and have my life pretty well on track to live with my parents for the next 20 years. Kidding, I am, however, very serious about being on track to graduate this semester without having failed a single course (knock on wood) which as someone who procrastinates, drinks too much, sleeps all day, and can quote practically any Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, and Vince Vaughn movie (except the Dilemma, that movie is freaking awful), but has barely a clue what I learned last semester.

Does this mean I am at a loss when I graduate at the end of this semester? In my opinion, no. Just because I can’t remember what Voltaire said about the human mind or soul doesn’t mean I am going to fail at getting a job when I graduate.

My goal is to be able to say I am more focused and sure of myself as a functioning adult at the end of University so when I go about building my Resume to get that amazing job that was promised to us by our Guidance Counselor’s in High school by attending Post Secondary education, I will be looking to build those soft skills I didn’t learn in a lecture or discussion group, but all the while remembering how I dealt with the enormous amount of stress I had on me to finish three 15-page papers by next week while still making it to Thirsty Thursday and the guy you met in first year who always has crazy house parties Party on Saturday. 

In all, I am pretty happy with where I will be in life come the end of this semester, and a class like this gives me the perfect opportunity to reflect on what I have learned and then share it with all of you in my class. Its a pretty nice way of realizing how far you have come when you start putting it down in a doc. file. Prepare to be inundated with ranting and raving from my blog posts but I hope you enjoy them and discover that life doesn’t have to be taken to seriously for you to be successful at it.

Party on Wayne,

Cameron Millar

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