I have finally made it onto this blog.

My name is Tara-Kay (or…as anyone not in an academic setting calls me, T.K.) and like a lot of you, I am a 4th year communications major itching to graduate and get out of here. I was really hesitant when I first saw the title of this course, I can never really decide if I enjoy writing or not. I honestly have a really hard time writing creatively, so this class will be a challenge. I have never really had an issue with writing academically, but I find creative writing really daunting.

Most of the time I am much more of a listener then a talker and more of a reader then a writer. My favorite books are ‘Good Omens’ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, ‘Veronika Decides To Die’ by Paulo Coelho, ‘The Glass Castle’ by Jannette Walls….and any Dylan or Joplin bio.

I have yet to figure out what I want to do with my life, other then marry rich…(kidding…but seriously). I am currently in the waiting process of hearing back from post-grad college programs. I am out to get some hands on experience, but that is one reason I am excited for this class. For once we are actually doing something with what we learn. I am looking forward to this class even though I am a little nervous for it…but thats ok. Hopefully I can learn to become more comfortable with writing in a form other then academic because even writing this intro took me 45 minuets.

See you guys in class!

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