” Better late then never”

So here it is finally… I thought I was the only one left to post this but I guess I am not the only one.  After a number of failed attempts to post this, I finally managed to get this right. My Name is Janeesha Kaur, and I am a Communication Studies major here at Carleton. It is my last semester (Thank god), and after spending 5 years at Carleton, I am happy that I will be able to say my final GOODBYE to Carleton in April.

As far as the class is concerned, just like some of the other people in the class, I had no idea what the class would be about until we were informed that the class focuses on blog writing and well. …Lots of writing. I have never done blogs in the past but I am looking forward to writing some blogs and learning the art of creative writing. I guess after writing numerous essays throughout the 5 year journey in Communication studies, I think I finally have an idea about “ how to write” but you learn with time and I guess I can proudly say that I am still learning and will be in the future. This class is going to be a good foundation for blog writing and creative writing that will help me immensely in the years to come.

I am currently working for CIBC as a financial advisor (totally off from what I am doing at University) but it has given me an opportunity to interact with people and improve my communication skills. I also work for a South Asian newspaper called ‘CanAsian Times’ as a Marketing executive and have written for the paper on numerous occasions as well. My father and grandfather are both journalists and have written numerous books on various different issues. I guess we are all found of writing and reading but the difference is that they are good at it and I am still an amateur writer.  I am looking forward to this class to learn new things  and be able to apply them to my work. I wish everyone all the best!  🙂

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