I’m not late everyone else is just early.

I am Sabrina and I promise I’ll keep this short and simple. Why am I “introducing” myself so late? Let’s just say there are people who consider themselves as procrastinators and then there are people who believe they are the king or queen of procrastinators.

Like most people in this class I am a 4th year Communication Studies major. I’m also doing double minor in Religion and Anthropology. To be honest I wasn’t very excited to find out that this class is about creative writing. English is not my first language, to be accurate it is fairly a new language for me and I find writing extremely difficult. I have questioned my decision of sticking with the Communication program for years but as difficult as I find it, I just love the range of topic and issues this program covers.

My dad is a journalist and a writer of Bengali literature. He has written more than 100 books for children in Bengali so far. He is the reason why I am in this program. I grew up watching him write about issues with such passion that I found it fascinating and incredibly inspiring. I love reading way more than I enjoy writing. To be quite honest I don’t enjoy writing at all (I wonder if I should openly be THIS honest). Well actually I enjoy writing in Bengali because I am good at it. But when it comes to English, I just struggle so much with grammar, structure and spelling that eventually I lose interest and end up typing swear words.

I keep an eye on CNN and BBC all the time (typical). I am also addicted to Facebook like many people and update my status a little too often. But in my defense, I at least don’t ‘check-in’ anywhere. I watch The Daily Show and Colbert Report every day and I think Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper are absolutely amazing.  I am a TV junkie, currently I’m obsessed with True Blood, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, 30 rock, New Girl and of course, Sherlock What is disturbing is I am finding BBC’s new updated Sherlock  way more interesting compared to the “real” old school Sherlock Holmes. It was absolutely heartbreaking and unacceptable for me in the beginning, I felt like I was betraying myself to be even thinking that I find the new Sherlock better, but now I have sort of made my peace with it. Also, it is sad that Benedict Cumberbatch makes a way better Sherlock than Robert Downey Jr. Again, heartbreak and betrayal. I am a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan. A friend recently got me hooked on Game of Thrones so in return I got him hooked on True Blood. So, I just started reading A Song of Ice and Fire and got into a huge argument with this friend that I just mentioned, about whether George R. R. Martin is better than J. K. Rowling. Well of course not! I see where this is going but no, you do not compare Harry Potter with Song of Ice and Fire, that’s just crazy!

Anyways back to me and my issues, as I promised I’ll keep this short and simple (!). I am very pessimistic and I have very few close friends who are mostly as ridiculous as I am when it comes to having a “social life” (we don’t have it). I’d rather stay home on a beautiful day watching mindless YouTube videos on how to make something useless out of something useless, while others go out and enjoy life like they want to. For me life is doing what you want to do, which in my case is nothing useful.

I am not looking forward to write ANY of the blogs for this class but I am most definitely very much looking forward to reading all of your blogs. In this class you will see me struggling a lot but you’ll also see me not give up (not in the beginning at least). And I hope no one will make fun of my “writing” because believe me, it is so not my intention to make you suffer by making you read something mind bogglingly ridiculous written by me, I’m sorry but I just can’t help it. I don’t have the writer gene. I’m not gonna lie, I’m actually very scared about posting my “blogs”.

I just want to finish this semester, graduate and move somewhere far far away with my laptop. I have been in Ottawa for too long.

Good luck to everyone, I hope everyone will do amazing in this class and finish their degree with a bang! And to Professor Lithgow, please please please be don’t be a hard marker.

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