51 Seconds of Bob

I wish that I had known. This feeling of indecency, the hurt that boils up and physically seems to hurt your heart, the embarrassment to know that in less than a week over 16,000 people have seen you publically ridiculed. This feeling that will apparently never end, I wish I had known. Growing up in a political town I knew how to critique those who were in charge. I saw Nixon and Dief the Chief, Pearson and Kennedy, all suffer through the same punishment. Protests against them and their decisions, letters calling for their resignation, ridiculed on the streets, how did they do it?

I entered this game knowing I was one the people, that everyone could see me as their own and know I had their backs. I was a power to the people man for heaven’s sakes! Had I not been working for social justice and a break from the traditional governments that had been ruling Canada for years? Yes, it was time for the people, time for a change, time for a new man in town! And I was that man. This game was mine to control.

Sticks and stones. I remember the rhyme that the children sing, about how words can never hurt you. These words hurt. Unfortunately, they are mostly my own, but manipulated to take my good will and decisions and arguments and present me as evil.


51 seconds. That is all that it took. 34 years. 12, 410 days. 297, 840 hours. All that time I have spent, working to better the province and now the country. Demolished discredited, by 51 seconds created by some unknown opponent.


Who knew that this technology would be so effective in taking the drivers seat in politics? That one website with thousands of videos would be the way in which people would decide how to vote. Bah! Back in my day we would go out and see our guy! We could make our own decisions and understand what he was saying and debating about. Not just taking some old sound bites, putting horror movie music behind it and themed graphics to persuade people to believe to one way of thinking! Whatever happened to participation and events and asking questions? God, the days where you could say something and not have it thrown back in your face twenty years later. Now, the kids see one thing on that I said on YouTube presented in a certain way and bam! They are officially against me and everything I stand for! Heaven forbid that they actually do some research and not just be blindly led by some ignorant fool making videos, get a job kid! Get out from behind your computer and come debate me! Watch me crush you without your precious manipulative techniques, your Google, your Wikipedia! Was probably sitting in a diaper when I saved Ontario from sure-fire debt!


This is frustration, my thoughts all a jumble. So mad and yet can’t do anything. How dare some crazy right-winger come out with this just in time for my greatest success! And saving a great party from absolute destruction is not the easiest thing in the world. I just want the respect I deserve for the work I have done, the success I am achieving and the new Liberal community I am creating. That’s the secret to success in this game, respect. Respecting not just in the polite sense but in that I respect that you are threat enough to do some thorough research and confront you. Respect is knowing that the guy you are fighting will have chance to fight back. This YouTube person has no respect, no idea what would happen to him if this was a real election campaign promo, he would be done.


I want to shoot back and I just can’t. The frustration of keeping your feelings of hurt all bottled up and have no options of retaliation. This feeling, I would have never known.










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One Response to 51 Seconds of Bob

  1. PearceEmily says:

    I’ll do this one.

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