Always Season Generously

Coals get hot.  Grill gets ready.  I get excited.

The Byward Market was my favourite place.  Wishing, waiting, wanting.  Well the wishing won’t have to wait any longer but the wanting will…at least until the grill is hot enough.

 Always Season Generously

Before, during and after cooking.  That’s how you ensure the best flavour. 3 words that have been engrained ever since I can remember. 

 Always Season Generously

And garlic.  Garlic is the King of Flavourtown.  If there isn’t garlic, I refuse to take part…

And pepper.  If garlic is the King of Flavourtown, Pepper is the Prince.  Prince Pepper performs perfectly when called upon for duty.  Flavourtown without the King and Prince would cease to exist and life as we know it would wither away.  Bland, uninspired, FLAVOURLESS.

 Always Season Generously

Yields 2 Servings

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients (All available at Byward Fruit Market)

Oil – 2 tablespoons

Fresh Garlic – 3 tablespoons

Freshly Cracked Black Peppercorns…or Pink…or Green…or Red…Mix it Up!

(Always Season Generously)

Perhaps a Potato on the side?

“Po-Ta-Toes (Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew)”

Perhaps a Baked Potato on the side? (sour cream, butter, margarine)

Perhaps a Loaded Baked Potato on the side (green onion, cheese, bacon)

Mmm fresh thick-cut double smoked bacon from Saslove’s Meat Market … and jalapeno cheddar cheese from House of Cheese … and green onions from any one of the vendors along Byward Square…

With freshly cracked black pepper on top of course.

 Always Season Generously

And Mushrooms!

How could I forget my absolute favourite?

The magical, mystical mushrooms make meals more aMazing.  No amount of garlic and pepper can make-up for missing mushrooms.

Barbequed – just season and grill to perfection

Sautéed – just season and pan-fry to perfection

Baked – just season and broil to perfection

And Byward Fruit Market has so many different kinds!  Lobster and Button and Oyster, oh my!

 Always Season Generously

Coals are hot.  Grill is ready.  I am excited.

SIZZLE!  Grill-marks form almost immediately.  Hot, but I can handle the heat.  In fact, it’s the greatest feeling I’ll ever experience. A 45-degree turn to get the beautiful hash-marks. 

Always Season Generously

Over 30 dollars at Empire Grill, Metropolitan, Blue Cactus or Vineyards?

Unnecessary I say!  Easy enough to get the same results at home, and for a fraction of the cost.

Time to turn over.  Both sides must be equally grilled to perfection – just like the mushrooms that are put on beside me.

My best friends: Shiitake, Cremini, Portobello

 Always Season Generously

After the turn over (not before!) that way the garlic won’t burn.  Instead Flavourtown invades the hash grill-marks.  An invasion most definitely accepted. 

Mustn’t let me dry out though, no amount of seasoning can bring me back from shoe leather.  Will they know when I’m at my best?  Will they let me rest before the time comes?  Will they know to Always Season Generously?

They found me at Saslove’s Meat Market on that warm June afternoon.  They stared at me through the glass and told the lady behind the counter they wanted me – In my Prime.  A Rib Steak.  Bone Still Attached! – fit for a King but would have to settle for them.  They knew though, and so it seems meant to be.  Someone must have told them –

 Always Season Generously

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