Oh boy, am I ever happy we did not have to do this in class! :S

Hey all. My name is Elena Abramova and seems like I am really the last one to post this introduction. But hey, as they say, better late than never.  I am a 4th year, well technically 5th year student here at Carleton, majoring in Political Science and Mass Communication. This is my last semester here at Carleton and let’s just say, even though I enjoyed my five years of growing up and learning a whole lot on campus of this wonderful and welcoming university, I am very excited to be finishing my degree and finally getting out in the real world.

Originally from Russia, my mum and I moved here 8 years ago. Moving to Canada was something that my mum wanted to do for a long time and I am very thankful she made that decision.  Being in Canada has opened many doors and has given many opportunities that otherwise neither she nor I would have. And while the experience of integration into the new society and environment was psychologically and emotionally tough, I would not change a single thing. Because truly it is this experience that made me who I am today!

As for this class, writing has never been my forte, and well-aware of what this class would encompass, I signed up for it full of enthusiasm of trying something different and eager to sharpen my writing skills! Anyone knows, good writing skills is the first requirement of any job. And sure after five years of writing essays, one should have a pretty skilled hand at academic writing, but creative writing is not something that I personally have not encountered at university. So, well aware of the challenges, but full of excitement and a tiny bit of timidity, I am looking forward to trying my hand at “creative writing”.

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