Words for Thought

Dear Diary,

Something happened today- something that I will never forget.

I will never forget the way it sounded- I had heard the song a million times- but never has it sounded like it did today. The words were different. The same but… different.
Here’s what happened.

I was walking home from school, like I always do. I was listening to my ipod. I love my ipod. My grandma got it for me for Christmas- gotta’ love Grandmas. I wonder if she even knows what an ipod is?
I take the same route home every day. Every day the same thing. Straight down Maple Ave., left on Tapiola until I get to the path – I take the path all the way to my house.
I love walking home from school. I feel happy when I am walking. I do all my best thinking when I walk home. And it gives me a chance to listen to my ipod.
I can’t listen to my ipod at school or in class. But sometimes I sneak it onto the playground. I share it with my friends.
Left earbud for me, Right earbud for Leo.

But, here is what was different.
As I was walking home, one of my favourite songs came on. I just like the way it sounds. I love all music- but this one got me groovin’.
The song was World Hold On. I had heard it a million times before but for some reason, today, it meant something else.


In class today our teacher was talking about the envionment and how we all play a role in taking care of this planet. The only planet that we have.
I had NEVER thought about this before. It was such a new idea. Take care of the planet…the world? I could barley take care of myself- I could barely remember to brush my teeth before going to school!
And isn’t that an adult’s job? They are bigger, wiser and older. They should take care of the world.
So why did my teacher say that?? How can she expect us kids to take care of the world?
I thought school was all about math, science and grammar. Why is she trying to talk to us about the environment and recycling and everyday pollution? I was so confused. I thought nothing of it. She was talking crazy. The planet is fine. We are fine….


After listening to this song, a song I had heard a bazillion times before and after hearing what my teacher said- even though it made no sense at the time. I began to think. 
Usually when I am walking home I am thinking about what is for dinner, or what video game I will play when I get home. Instead I am walking home from school and thinking about….the environment and the planet?
And why?? All because of this song? All because of my teacher?
I start to pay attention to the words…
World Hold On.
Hold on for what? What is happening?

I am about to turn 14. My birthday is next week. The thoughts going on in my head are too much to handle. Shouldn’t I be thinking about other things? This is all because of a song!? What is going on ?!

I look around while walking home- listening to the familiar beat. And I begin to wonder. Do all songs have a message? What is this song’s message?

I started singing….

“The big bang may be a million years away
But I can’t think of a better time to say….

World, hold on
Instead of messing with our future, open up inside
World, hold on
Wonder you will have to answer to the children of the sky”

Messing with our future? What does that mean. I think maybe my teacher was on to something. It was so strange. She had just talked about protecting the planet. And now one of my favourite songs was perhaps hinting at the same thing….

I began to panic. I began to look around. I was almost at the path. I walked by a garbage to throw out my granola bar wrapper. I looked inside and I saw a pop bottle. A pop bottle? What is that doing in there? That should be in the recycling!

Maybe my teacher was right. Maybe the planet is in danger. Maybe this song is trying to tell me something. I had taken this walk many times and I had never noticed garbage. Now I see it is everywhere.
This song is different to me now. It means something more. I began to listen to it and instead of thinking about what was for dinner…I was thinking about what my teacher had said- I was thinking about why she would be telling us… kids. There has got to be something more to this. I should have paid closer attention.
I finally get home. I walk straight into my house and I run right up to my room. I open up my laptop and I google “ the environment”. I google “saving the planet”. I google “what can kids do to save the planet”.
To my surprise…..there is SO MUCH on the internet about this. I never knew!

I really want the world to hold on.

More to come,


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2 Responses to Words for Thought

  1. derrickgooden says:

    I’m claiming this 🙂

    • kmacdon88 says:

      Hey Derrick…..what day are you presenting on my Blog….I can’t make it to the next class (Feb 17)…..and I want to be there for when you present….


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