Beginnings are Always the Hardest Part

*** Due to technical difficulties with the account, this posting is actually being contributed by Erin Thibodeau, 100764212***

I’d like to formally call Sabrina out on her claim of being the Queen of procrastination.

I was born a week and a half late. And then I made my parents push back Christmas as I kept them in the hospital until the 26th.

I skipped junior kindergarten and procrastinated right on to senior kindergarten (there really is a limited number of grades they will allow you to bypass before they force you to attend).

My grade eight graduation dress was purchased 2 days before the event. My mum was pulling her hair out and I was ready to attend in a paper bag.

University applications were submitted at 11:55pm the last night they were accepted. After they were submitted I neglected my extra Ryerson applications for so long that I didn’t bother doing them.

Four years later I have somehow made it to my last semester of university. I haven’t double checked but I’m pretty certain I am the last person to submit an introduction considering our first article is due tomorrow (side note, due to technical difficulties it did not even make it online until now). I’m sorry Michael, I know you’re already exasperated with me.

I’ve dedicated these years to a major in Communications and a double minor in English Literature and French. I’ve dedicated them to friends, to parties, to volunteering, to dating, to working, to reading, to writing, to travelling, to experiences. The truth is that while I value an education in Communications, and have been delighted to discover the application of the theories we’ve learned to the ‘real world’, I also spend much of my time bogged down with theory that I don’t always understand. I prefer to get out and realize what I have been learning. So that’s what I did.

I enjoy working and, since I don’t want (read: refuse) to work in research or academia, I spend the majority of my time working, networking, and learning more about public relations and digital media. I step out into the world and soak up as much information as I can from people who can relate to such terms as ‘social media marketing’ and ‘fashion and lifestyle blogzine’,  because they work with them.  I’m looking forward to this class (despite what my late start may indicate) and learning to fine tune my writing. I’ve been actively writing and exploring the practical side. It’s time to get down to the roots and explore why we write what we do.


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