Blog Post #2

Our immediate strategy is to eliminate terrorist threats abroad so we do not have to face them here at home. The theory here is straightforward: Terrorists are less likely to endanger our security if they’re worried about their own security. When terrorists spend their day struggling to avoid death or capture they are less capable of arming and training to commit new attacks. Our country is still the target of terrorists who want to kill many and intimidate us all. We will stay on the offensive against them until the fight is won.

The following morning we sent our messenger to their camp with one last appeal for peace. In a letter we explained that we only desired to pass through their lands on our way to visit the emperor who ruled over this country, and that we had no desire for conflict whatsoever, and that we wished to treat them like our brothers and friends. These words we wrote in our own language, and although the brutes would not be able to read those words, we hoped they would understand the meaning behind them. For this purpose we also sent some glass beads and fine clothing with our messenger. We told him to return with an answer by midday. In the meantime we cleaned our armour, sharpened our blades, and prepared for the coming battle.

Midday came and went and our messenger had returned with a reply. This is how they replied to him “Come to our town and meet our chiefs and leaders, and so we will make peace with you by filling our stomachs with your flesh and pleasing our gods with your hearts and blood. Then we will see if you are as brave and powerful as you proclaim”. Our messenger had repeatedly said to them that we wanted them to be our friends, but they could not be convinced of the truth, since we had many allies in our company who were formerly their enemies. After we heard these proud threats we said to ourselves, “If it’s like that, then forward, and may fortune be on our side!” Then, after hearing Mass and commending ourselves to God, we set out from the safety of our camp in great spirits. Our Captain told the royal notary to record all that I have said and described, so that that we should not be responsible at some later date for the death and destruction that was about to occur, for we had pleaded with them for peace, and any damages would be entirely their fault.

I remember very clearly the many tens of thousands of Indian warriors assembled before us on the plain, wearing feathery headdresses and wielding wooden swords with bits of sharp stone inlaid with them. They greeted us boldly, and with many shouts in their strange language, and with many drums and trumpets and horns. The Captain delivered a rousing speech, I do not remember what he said exactly, as I was looking at their general, a swarthy tanned Indian painted in red and white stripes and pierced with copper rings all over his body.

Suddenly thousands of Indian archers let loose at us, stone-tipped arrows flew in such numbers that three soldiers amongst our company were killed instantly, and several more injured. These men I remember well, one was a sailor. When the Captain witnessed all that I have said and described, he waved his sword and shouted “St. John, and at them!” which was our signal to attack, and we hurried forward. What an opportunity to write about the perils of battle in this new world! We were few, and they were many, and pressed us in great amounts, screaming and shouting, determined to leave none of us alive, or to otherwise carry us back to their temples and sacrifice us to their evil idols. I remember, during the fighting, they managed to surround one of our horses and cut off its head in one blow. They tried to carry its rider back off to their temples but we forced them away. It was only the steadfastness of our infantry, a true miracle of swordsmanship, and by the grace of God that we were able to drive back the wild men.

After the battle we surveyed the field and discovered we had killed one hundred Indians and captured five. After interrogating them we learned they were planning another  attack tomorrow, as they knew we were few and their scouts advised to attack us day and night until we were destroyed.



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