Love Message

Love at a distance my ass! … At least that’s one of the first thoughts to cross the mind of a pessimist if they were to hear the story of Laith (a Torontonian) and Christina (a girl from California).  In case this is foreign to you, here is the video for your viewing pleasure:  (feel free to Google them and engross yourself with their pictures as well).

Now that this video has been observed, the emotional responses may vary.  Feelings of disgust, anger, pity etc. may occur.  Or, conversely, feelings of joy, happiness, excitement etc. may take place.  Whatever the feeling, in the end there was some type of emotion that could not be helped.  Thanks to Laith and Christina, people all over the world are being united in coupledom.  Interestingly enough, these relationships start and evolve from a simple post on a social networking site.  In the case of Laith and Christina, it was Tumblr.  Facebook, Twitter, and uStream are not too far behind racking up the connection points.  This is what dating has come down to.

The age of technology has enabled relationships to bloom without having to physically, one on one, see the other person.  It has allowed for people “in love” to fly millions of miles around the world just to finally set eyes on that special person they met on the internet.  Question is: is the person going to be blindsided by the appearance of the other person?  At that point, it probably would not even matter since they found…love, and love is supposed to conquer all, right?

For the younger generation, social networking sites along with blogs are the new eHarmonys’ and Lavalifes’.  A simple blog can capture the interest of another, igniting a fierce burning in one’s soul while captivating the very essence of a being, striking an impulsive decision to commit to this one person who lives miles away but is connected deeply through wires that make up the internet.  This has to be every girl’s fantasy.  A technological love story that is unique in every way because no one else has ever done it before.

A new phenomenon of dating has risen thanks to Laith and Christina, who have shared their experience with viewers all over the world.  Many are finding their soul mates via Tumblr, sending messages to the face in the box that has attracted their attention, later developing a bond through video chats and text messages.  A love so pure blossoms and there is no distance that could interfere with its growth.  Youtube has proven to be significant evidence of how social networking has come to spread love around the world.  People all over are sharing their tales just like Laith and Christina have, giving hope to those who feel they may never find that right person and allowing lonely individuals to live vicariously through them.

Sidenote: Laith and Christina are no longer together for reasons that were not openly shared with the public.  The same public that witnessed their love affair grow and have been inspired to find love at a distance.  But don’t let that deter you from finding happiness through an internet connection.

So for all those who are relying on physical interaction in order to initiate a relationship, stop that kind of thinking right now!  Do what Laith and Christina have done and get to the nearest computer, for your love awaits for you millions of miles away.  The person you are looking for to make your dreams come true is probably inboxing your Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter account right this minute.  Don’t fall victim to real life.  Don’t be the last one out dating in the real world!

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