“The JUNO Awards are fast approaching in the Nation’s Capital; What do Canadian’s tweets tell us about the upcoming event”

Canadians will gather at the Scotiabank Place Sunday April 1st in Ottawa, Ontario to watch the 41st Annual Canadian Music Awards, more commonly known as the JUNO Awards. The cultural celebration, as acknowledged by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, commemorates the achievements of the Canadian Music Industry.

The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) focuses on the exploration and development of the Canadian Music Industry in order to promote Canadian artists and music. CARAS sites that the industry is largely shaped and influenced by the enthusiasm invested by those who participate in their events, such as the JUNO Awards.  The annual JUNO awards show, which is nationally televised, was created in 1970 in order to enhance the Canadian music industry.

This raises the question, “what makes an artist or a song Canadian?” and thus vital to the Canadian music industry. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) defines a Canadian song within these regulations; four elements are used to qualify songs as Canadian: Music, Artist, Performance and Lyrics (MAPL). The MAPL system is designed to increase exposure of the Canadian music industry.

The Canadian music industry helps in bringing attention to new and emerging artists through the accessibility of Canadian music. As the JUNO Awards are an important part of Canadian culture, JUNO award nominees’ songs deemed “Canadian” by the MAPL system can be found on itunes for only $9.99. The album boasts 20 Canadian songs sure to develop a patriotic buzz.

It is here that uncertainty builds. As accessible as Canadian music may be, what are Canadian’s attitudes towards the music industry? The JUNO Awards album may be an easy purchase; a simple do diligence to supporting the native land, but it is a wonder as to what exactly Canadians are saying about the upcoming event and its accompanying artists; keeping in mind that the enthusiasm generated around this year’s JUNO Awards is an important part of strengthening the Canadian music industry. If this is indeed the case, there is a simple as well was relevant way to gauge the perspectives of this year’s JUNO fan base; Twitter.

The social media platform offers up to date information on the JUNO Awards directly from its projected fan base, while gathering fresh perspectives on how the awards are helping to celebrate and enhance Canada’s culture.

These seven out of thousands of tweets about the #JUNOAwards offer insight into the opinions that Canadians have about the JUNO Awards.

Our #JUNO writer @JessHuddles lets us in on the AMAZING things going down this week in Ottawa in prep for big night!

@TheJUNOAwards Canadians really are so very polite! #JUNOawards rewards people who aren’t following their tweets b4 entering their contest!

#Junoawards this weekend in OTown!! PARTY TIME!!

Can’t wait to watch the #JunoAwards and see my girl #SarahMcLachlan singing with #BlueRodeo! 🙂

@Drake Are you gonna be at the #JUNOAwards this Sunday?! #proudCanadian 😀

Who’s in Ottawa already for the @TheJUNOAwards? Anything going on around town tonight I should check out? Thanks 🙂 #JunoAwards

Big Beat: Musicians say #Ottawa scene changed since #Junos 2003 http://ow.ly/9Xq3u #ottarts #junoawards

After reading the selected tweets above, one may come to the realization that Canadians are proud of their music industry and are excited to take part in this historic event. The awards aid in uniting communities and creating cultural collaboration beyond the social media platform. Individuals are not only tweeting about the event itself, but are looking for ways to come together to celebrate.

Social media platforms such as Twitter are playing a vital role in this year’s JUNO Awards. An Ottawa based radio station, 105.3 KISS FM, recently advertised a contest titled, “Juno Tweet from Our Suite Winning Weekend” where one lucky winner would win an iPhone 4S and the opportunity to tweet live from the JUNO Awards, becoming an instant social media reporter for the event.

The contest not only amounted in a great deal of hype but helped in drawing attention to the JUNO Awards. By giving a local fan the chance to be directly involved in the JUNO’s social media campaign, Canadian culture is strengthened from within. The online perspectives are important in enhancing and exposing Canadian support for new and emerging artists, but it is nothing compared to the celebrations that will take place on Sunday April 1st at the Scotiabank Place.

After taking all perspectives into consideration,  Canadians play a crucial role in the overall success of the JUNO Awards. They must come together and celebrate the achievements of the Canadian Music Industry and inspire others to do the same, with high amounts of enthusiasm #proudcanadian.

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