Additional Readings

On racialization in news media and cultural appropriation:

Jiwani, Jasmin. 2010. “Race(ing) the Nation: Media and Minorities” in Leslie Regan Shade (ed.) Mediascapes: New Patterns in Canadian Communication 3rd. Toronto: Nelson.

Woods, Keith. 2002. “The language of race”. Poynter. Retrieved Jan 24, 2012 from

Aleman, Sonya. 2010. “Americans in brown bodies: An analysis of journalistic performances of white.” Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, Vol. 26(1): 1-18.

Coombe, Mary. 1993. “The properties of culture and the politics of possessing identity: Native claims in the cultural appropriation controversy.” Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, Vol. 6(2): 249-285.

On postmodernism

Butler, Judith. 1994. “Contingent foundations: Feminism and the question of ‘postmodernism” in Steven Seidman (ed.) The Postmodern Turn: New Perspectives on Social Theory.  Retrieved from here.


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